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Summer is Coming – Peter S. Quinn

Now there’s time to sing
All my life is a spinning wheel
Here’s love joyful spring
Coming again and hearts to steal
Flowers in the garden all
Bearing colors of bright
Summer to the thoughts call
Here ignite a new light

Yesterdays now untended go
Flow flow the spring and play
Let the garden bed all know
Nothing from winter shall stay
Only growth and greenery on
Sunshiny moods till evening
All that dark and dim gone
Only a fresh new beginning

Now there’s time to rise and see
Some of the wonderful things
Summer is coming inside of me
So my mood joyfully sings
What is it with to get sick now?
Why can’t we all enjoy this?
Give not a sullen sorrow brow
When a world around is in a bliss

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Graduation Day ^^

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Time flies by fast.

For most people their graduation day is one of the best days of their lives. No more college, and for some it means that they are now able to move out on  and embark on the independent journey of university. It is such a regular day, but it has a different taste. You see people crying or laughing on this day.

Look at our new pictures on Graduation Day on June, 2011.



They are so wonderful 🙂

The important time in their life.

Woohozz they’re graduated. Nice….

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Spring Picnic – Held by TSA ( Thai Student Association) and VSA ( Vietnamese Student Association)

The reason that I love studying in GRCC that GRCC’s associations provide many activities for International Students to have a chance to meet and make new friends.

Especially, this time, Thai Student Association and Vietnamese Student Association create a picnic with name “Spring Picnic” for everyone to join. Going out, learning new languages and enjoying Asian food is the best way to improve your life skills, study and be away from homesick 😀

There are many games that are held in Spring Picnic. Many students involved in and  they feel excited after all.

(Wowz, which game are they playing?)

It really effective right!! Some people don’t know each others, however, when they plays togethter: they are a team, they are friends. They can seat together and have lunch, they share their stories in US and give some joke to make everyone smile. 🙂 Life is so awesome!!!

 We Are Friends

My proposition for  new students: if you feels homesick, enjoy our GRCC activities and don’t be afraid to be make new friends. Going out and try to speak English. We will help you to improve your English, your life skills, and also do some volunteer activities. It has a lot of fun when you study in GRCC.

Enjoy and you can feel GRCC is also your home!!

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Spring Break is Coming !!!

Hey Everyone,

Do you know that we will have one break? Yay 😀

What will you do this spring break? Where will you travel?

Oh I will spend my break with my family and have a BBQ at Saturday night. I really love to cooking, so break here I come !!!

Also, I will be in next orientation. So guess what? I will update new pictures about our new GRCC students coming and orientation days. It will be a lot of fun.

Hope you guys will enjoy your break and have fun. 


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Hi!! I’m Kelly – New Assistant.

Hi Everyone,

My name is Tra Nguyen. You can call me Kelly. I have studied in GRCC for one and half year. I’m a friendly girl. 🙂

I’m new Student Marketing Assistant. I love traveling, communication and making new friends. ♥

Life in Green River CC is really great and wonderful. I have a chance to practice English skills, meet many international students from all over the world. Enjoy the cool weather in the beautiful city , Auburn.

Auburn is a small city with beautiful scene. From Auburn, you can drive to Seattle quickly by car (approximately 40 minutes). Also,  it is a city with spatial land area. And Auburn is the 14th largest city in the state of Washington.

I haven’t gone back my country since I stayed in US. I miss my parents so much. Next month, my elder brother will be a dad, and wowz I will be an aunt. I’m excited to see my niece. I’m so super happy. 🙂

I enjoy the time here and have a nice day everyone !!!

Kelly Nguyen.


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Downtown Seattle (Part 1)



Last week, I had an awesome weekend with my friends.

Even though I have been to downtown Seattle many times, I haven’t finished exploring it yet. Do you know why? because it is big and there are many interesting and fun places that I have wanted to go there. 

However, in order to have enough energy to start the adventure on last Saturday, we stopped by one of the most famous dim sum restaurant in China town 🙂 It is a good choice, right?






Then, we headed to Pioneer  Square, which is one of the historic areas in downtown Seattle. The picture below is the Smith Tower, 42 story building opened since 1914. I took it when I was going to the top of the building. Oh, my Gosh! It was very beautiful up there. I could watch the overview of Seattle, the harbor, beach, Space Needle, and lost of tall building in the city.










This is the tallest building in the area. My friend and I were planning to go up there. Unfortunately, it was closed on Saturday 😦 It was so sad, so we hope we can go in one day





What do think what it is? a house? No, actually, it is  a coffee shop. It is so cool, isn’t it? All the shop is covered by green of trees. So Greeny!    






There are more about Seattle that I want to introduce them to you, so check out my blog next time!         


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