Shopping.. ^.^

♥♥♥ Hi everyone! How are you doing in the summer?

Because I didn’t go back my country this summer, I have explored and discovered this beautiful state as much as I could. Last weekend, my friend and I went to the mall in Bellevue. Maybe some of you already know that go to the mall means go shopping in America. Also, going shopping is one of the recreations in American culture. However, because I am just an international student, some stuff here is kind of expensive for me. Therefore, “window shopping” is one of the most popular terms to international students and even American people as well.

In American culture, going shopping doesn’t mean they have to buy something. It is just a way to help them relax after working hard, hang out with friends, try new food in malls, or even look around stores. It is interesting, isn’t it? Don’t worry that sellers will chase you away since you don’t buy anything in their stores. Instead, they will welcome and introduce to you some new goods even though you just look around.

Come back to my shopping! This was the first time I have been in Bellevue, so I was very excited to go there. Bellevue is the fifth largest city in Washington State. Furthermore, the economy in this city has been developed strongly; therefore, it is now home to the headquarters of many small and large businesses. There are many tall buildings, skyscrapers and many stores there. Of course, it is very beautiful and interesting. I’m sure you will like when you get there ♥♥♥




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2 responses to “Shopping.. ^.^

  1. Martha Koch

    If you like shopping join the Student Life Shopping Trip to Bellevue Square Mall on Friday, July 29!!! Sign up in the Student Life office on the second floor of the Lindbloom Student Center. GRCC students are $3 and none-GRCC students are $5.

  2. grccipstudent

    Thank you.

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