Spring Picnic – Held by TSA ( Thai Student Association) and VSA ( Vietnamese Student Association)

The reason that I love studying in GRCC that GRCC’s associations provide many activities for International Students to have a chance to meet and make new friends.

Especially, this time, Thai Student Association and Vietnamese Student Association create a picnic with name “Spring Picnic” for everyone to join. Going out, learning new languages and enjoying Asian food is the best way to improve your life skills, study and be away from homesick 😀

There are many games that are held in Spring Picnic. Many students involved in and  they feel excited after all.

(Wowz, which game are they playing?)

It really effective right!! Some people don’t know each others, however, when they plays togethter: they are a team, they are friends. They can seat together and have lunch, they share their stories in US and give some joke to make everyone smile. 🙂 Life is so awesome!!!

 We Are Friends

My proposition for  new students: if you feels homesick, enjoy our GRCC activities and don’t be afraid to be make new friends. Going out and try to speak English. We will help you to improve your English, your life skills, and also do some volunteer activities. It has a lot of fun when you study in GRCC.

Enjoy and you can feel GRCC is also your home!!


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