Downtown Seattle (Part 1)



Last week, I had an awesome weekend with my friends.

Even though I have been to downtown Seattle many times, I haven’t finished exploring it yet. Do you know why? because it is big and there are many interesting and fun places that I have wanted to go there. 

However, in order to have enough energy to start the adventure on last Saturday, we stopped by one of the most famous dim sum restaurant in China town 🙂 It is a good choice, right?






Then, we headed to Pioneer  Square, which is one of the historic areas in downtown Seattle. The picture below is the Smith Tower, 42 story building opened since 1914. I took it when I was going to the top of the building. Oh, my Gosh! It was very beautiful up there. I could watch the overview of Seattle, the harbor, beach, Space Needle, and lost of tall building in the city.










This is the tallest building in the area. My friend and I were planning to go up there. Unfortunately, it was closed on Saturday 😦 It was so sad, so we hope we can go in one day





What do think what it is? a house? No, actually, it is  a coffee shop. It is so cool, isn’t it? All the shop is covered by green of trees. So Greeny!    






There are more about Seattle that I want to introduce them to you, so check out my blog next time!         



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