Tulip Town, love it *-*

One of the reasons I like this state is its wonderful and amazing landscape.

Especially for people who like traveling like me. Going out and exploring a new area is one of the best ways to study and get away from being homesick. 

It is really effective. I remembered when I first come here, I just wanted to go out with my host family whenever or wherever they went because it was really boring at home.

And it made me to think about my family a lot. Therefore, that is my suggestion for new international students. Don’t be afraid of going out and speaking English with people!

If you are scared of going alone, get some friends, ask your host family, or attend school’s outdoor actitivities.

Guess what I did last weekend? I went to the TULIP TOWN with my friends. It was a activities that was hold by Student Life – Outdoor Programs (http://www.greenriver.edu/studentprograms/)

It took about 2 hours from school to Mount Vernon (Tulip Town)I cannot believe what I saw there; it was truthfully amazing. 

Do you see some of pictures from tons of pictures I took from the town? Actually, there are many of them ( You know that girls very like to taking pictures, right? , but I couldn’t post them all here since it doesn’t have enough space.


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