New Student Orientation!

We are in the middle of the Spring quarter! I cannot believe it. Time flies, doesn’t it?

As usual, a new quarter is coming up, and this time is Summer. Yeahhh, are you excited?

I guess some of you will not since it is summer, However, you know what there are many fun and interesting activities here: shopping, travelling, camping, eating, and hanging out with friends. Sounds great, right?Also, in the Summer quarter, you only study 4 days a week, which means you have a long weekend. 🙂

Have you known that when you arrive at school, you have to  attend the required orientation for new international students? Are you curious what it is and what you will do there?

It is a meeting for students to get more familiar with school before the school official starts every quarter. It is a great chance for us to meet the International Programs staffs, and more importantly, make new friends from many different countries. It is interesting, right?

Also, there are many activities in the orientation like assessment tests, advising, registration, Seattle trip, and overnight camp. You will see many people who wear very bright yellow T-shirts. They are called Peer Volunteers who will help you for the whole orientation like guiding, conducting campus tour, introducing about schools, and especially, they will cheer you up. If you have been in my blog many times, you would know I was a Peer Volunteer for two quarters.  

 awesome Peer Volunteers Team

Look at the pictures below and find out more what happened in the Spring 2011 orientation:

 overview of the orientation, Students were having breakfast.

  The fabulous IP team on the check-in stage  

 Parents Orientation Check-in  

 Help from Peer Volunteers. They are really nice, aren’t they?

Want to more, visit the GRCC website at:


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