Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!

You know what? It is my third time I have celebrated Christmas and New Year in the US. Wow, I cannot believe it. Time flies fast, doesn’t it?

Tell me how you have been doing to welcome the New Year coming. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Since I am in the middle of the winter break, I have enjoyed my break a lot before going back to school. Beside working and preparing for my university transfer, I have been doing many activities as much as I could. You know why? Because in the fall quarter, I was busy with many things: studying, working, and so on, I did not have time to spend for my own hobbies. Therefore, I want to relax and let myself being free for awhile. However, I know that many thing are waiting for me to so, but I need more energy to finish them. Do you agree with me? Any way, so far, I can continue watching my favorite Korean dramas, reading books, hanging out with my beloved friends, going to the mall (Honestly, I haven’t gone shopping for a couple of months, believe it?), going to my favorite restaurants, and so on. Many things to do, right?

For me, beside studying, my social life is also important. I’m not a study machine, but I want to balance my life as much as I do, and of course, I want to do well both of them. I think many people have the thought as mine. How about yours? Tell me what you think. Anw, Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family *-*

My Hong Kong friend and I in the mall!


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