My First Poem (cont.)

What do you think about the poem in my previous post? Is it good?

Actually, it was the first time I have written a poem in my life. I know that I am a professional poet, but I tried hard to express my truthfully feelings to my teacher and friends.

It happened when I was chosen to be a graduate speaker in the IESL graduation day. At first, I had no idea that what I should say in the graduation day. I was very nervous so that I went to ask my teacher for some advises. You know what? She laughed very hard when I asked her. I felt very ashamed at that time L She told me that why I had to be that worried; simply, just express my feelings or what I wanted to say to my beloved friends.

As a result, the poem was created in this situation. I just described my special class and how I felt when I studied J

It was a great experience for me!


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