My first poem :)


Even though “there is no place like home”

I really had a second home in GRCC

With all my teachers and my friends

In fact, I did not realize this until I studied in the NAB class

Having a chance to meet, play, and study with my great teacher, Vivette, who taught us an important lesson “Believe in ourselves”

And all my lovely friends:

Wingsze, who is a funny and crazy Chinese girl

Ga Hye, who is a smart and strong Korean girl

Jenny, who is a gentle and righteous Korean girl

Akiko, who is a smart and diligent Japanese girl

Aya, who is a nice and enthusiastic Japanese girl

Sam, who is a funny Korean boy

Yui, who is a beautiful and cheerful Japanese girl

Hanshen, who is a smart Chinese boy

Yusuke, who is a very serious Japanese boy

Yoshiki, who is a crazy and humorous Japanese boy

Dang and Khoi, who are nice Vietnamese boys

They are like my family in America

Sharing joyfulness and sorrow together

It has become an unforgettable memory which I will remember forever

Whether our life stories turn out to be circular or linear

Or whether these are a melodrama or a romantic comedy

Remember “We will always have”, not Paris but the movies and memories of the Spring NAB at GRCC.









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