UW – weekend >_<

Maybe some of you will guess that I am going to UW for fun. Definitely not, I am going to UW to take IELTS test in order to qualify the requirements for my universities.

Do you wonder why I have to take that test although I have been studying in the US for 2 years? Well, it is a requirement for international students when they transfer from 2-year College to 4-year College. They want to make sure that we have enough English skills to study higher.


Before that I was so worried no one would drive me there because it would take about one hour and half by bus, and there was no early bus on Saturday. Luckily, Aya, my classmate, was going to take the test too and she said she would take me there. Oh My Gosh, I was so happy when I heard that. Otherwise, I couldn’t do the test. I like my friend! She is so kind and sweet. I’m sure you’ll like her if you meet her.

From this case, I realize the important of making friends and being friendly with people because I’m living alone in the US, my family is not here. I have to do everything myself. Therefore, friends are people who will help you. This is the experience I want to share with new international students. Be more open and talk with everyone will be very helpful.



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