Sunshine *_*

Wow, I cannot believe it the weather is very nice right now!

In the sunshine.jpgmorning, while I was taking a bus to go school, it was cold. However, right now, there is sunshine; the sky is blue and clear. It is wonderful to go out and have some fun. Or I can even study out there. Have you ever studied outdoor? It’s great and refreshing. At GRCC, you’ll see there are many students both international and domestic studying, talking, playing, and enjoying the nice weather together. That’s one of the best ways for us, international students, to make friends, improve English, and so on.

Sometimes, teachers will take students out of the classroom and study together. It’s interesting, isn’t it? My friends and I are very excited to these classes because we are very interested in studying while enjoying the sunshine, fresh air and having fun. You know what? This working style makes us understand lessons more quickly than the normal one.

If you have never studied this, why don’t you ask your teachers and try it? I’m sure you’ll be like it.


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