My first week of the fall quarter!

1st week of the fall quarter!

Hi, my beloved friends!

How are you doing? Good? I’m glad to hear that.

How is your school after a long summer break? Why don’t you share with me your story? I’m very excited to hear how my friends are doing.

About me? Well, lots of things that I need to take care of: school, work, my plan, and my future. Wow, I’m getting very busy and you too, right? It’s better than nothing because it is evidence that you and I have enjoyed our lives a lot, and I’m sure you don’t want to waste this valuable life. There is a famous quote about life that, “Life is short”; therefore, we should enjoy and do whatever we like. By doing that way, we won’t regret later on. Don’t you agree with me?

Wanna hear about my classes? In this quarter, I’m taking economics, accounting, and physics classes. Even though there are three of them, those are difficult for me. In order to get the associated degree in Business at GRCC, I have to take the series of Accounting which includes three levels. What I am taking right now is the first one. Also, it is the first time that I’ve taken a physic class. There are many and many new things I’ve learned from both classes. Hey, don’t forget my economics class; it is also important to me since my major is business. Three of them are very crucial, and of course, those are difficult. I have to do my best to win over them.

Well, how about you? You already know about me, so I want to know about you, too. SHARE WITH ME!

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