1st day of the orientation ^.^

Finally, the most crowed orientation ever at GRCC has come. After preparing everything, everybody in the International Program office is already ready to welcome all new international students.

Wow, I cannot believe it! There are many of them. Even though I am a current student, I don’t know why I am both nervous and excited. Watching all of them coming, it reminds me two years ago. When I first came to the US and attended the orientation, I was a shy and quite girl. All memories about that special day suddenly appeared in my head. You know what? I guess the reason I’m getting nervous is that even though I have attended the orientation many times, this time is the first time as a student marketing assistant. Before that, I was a new student and peer volunteer. However, I’m happy because I am going to meet some students whom I have contacted them through email, but I have not had a chance to see them yet. It is fantastic, isn’t it?

During the orientation, there is a funny situation that a new student suddenly ran into me and asked if I was Quyen. I was so surprised and said yes. Then, he said he knew me through the campus tour video. Can you image what I felt at that time? Oh my Gosh, I was so happy that students can recognize me.

Many and many interesting situations happened in the orientation that I’ll tell you later, and guess what? I’ll upload the pictures so that you can see what happened there. .Waiting for my next blog


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