Fall is coming

Outside, it is raining! It is a transition between the summer and the fall. AIso, it means that the summer is somehow finished and the fall is coming. When the fall is coming, a new school year is started with many dreams, ambitions and wishes for us.

Another fall quarter I study at GRCC, I am going to miss my friends a lot because most of them already transferred to their dream universities. Do you think GRCC will be empty” Of course, not. In this fall quarter, many and many international students are coming. Today and tomorrow are the moving days of them. The school staffs members, especially in the housing department, are at the airport to pick up new students and some of them are in the school campus corner apartment to arrange houses. Everybody is busy in the international program office. We are getting ready to welcome all of new students.

Are you excited about it? For me, yes. I’ve been waiting for the orientation as a student marketing assistant. Maybe you’ll curious why. Actually, I have attended the orientation many times as a new student and a peer volunteer, but it is going to be the first time as a marketing assistant. I would like to meet new students whom I have contacted via my email since I took care of the job form Diep, the former student marketer, but we haven’t met yet. It is interesting, isn’t it?


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