Vietnamese National Day & Happy my 2nd Birthday!

Today is September 2, 2010, which is the National Day in my country. Maybe, some of you have read my previous blog about the firework and July 4th, American National Day and you will see the same between those two days in two countries. Yes, they are both national days and have the same meaning, but they are different in days and countries. It is interesting, isn’t it?

Even though those two days have the same purposes, we celebrate it a little bit different in Vietnam. We do have a day off like American, but we are not allowed to make firework privately like here. It is held by the government. Actually, we used to have it at home, but because of the safety, the government has banned this rule.

However, I don’t care whether or not we are allowed to have because what I care is that I very miss my family, my country now. Usually, this holiday is kind of big in my country. It is a day which family members gather together, and then we can talk, cook some dishes or play. It is pretty fun!

Furthermore, this day has a special meaning for me because I left Vietnam on that day to go to America. Therefore, today is exactly two years since I left. I don’t know about other people think about it, but for me it marks a kind of long period in my life. Even though I don’t know how much I have changed since I came here, sometimes look at myself, I could that I have gotten more mature. I would say that it is my second birthday! It sounds strange to you, doesn’t it? Actually, I didn’t come up this idea until one of the IP staffs congratulated me when I told him about this special day. Then, I thought it was not a bad idea. Happy my second birthday!

I like both days, July 4th and September 2nd!


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