To international students, food is one of the most important things we miss the most while living in the USA. Even though we could find them in some restaurants, the taste of them is definitely different from the one we have at home. Maybe you will think that I am kidding. Seriously, it is truth. Every international student will tell you the same. However, “it is better than nothing” is what we always say to each other whenever we eat something. Because it helps us somehow forget our homesickness and enjoy our new lives here.

Last week, my friends and I gathered at one of my friends’ apartment and cooked some Vietnamese and Thailand food. It sounds interesting, doesn’t it? In the USA, we can mostly find all ingredients in some Asian markets, so it is very convenient for us. Before going to the market, we had decided to cook some dishes like chicken wings with the Vietnamese style, Tom Yum (the Thailand dish) with rice, and Vietnamese noodle with our special sauce. Wow! The menu is very good, and it makes me feel hungry now. Haha J

After everything was ready, we started making the food as we planned. Since I didn’t know much about cooking, my friends were going to be chefs and I was their assistant. That was funny! You know what? This was the most argumentative part because we fought a lot. Even though I was not the one cooking, I liked to comment about what they were doing. “No, this is wrong. You have to do like this”or“You cook or me?” is one of the sentences we fought. But anyway, it was very fun and we had a good time together.

Finally, we could enjoy the meal with many feelings. Throughout this hang out, I realized that it didn’t matter how we met each other, what we fought, or how silly or crazy we were, we would best friends forever. The memory we have had today will stay in our hearts for the rest of our lives. Sometimes, we think that one day in the future, when we get older and older, we will very miss the time we spend in the USA, in GRCC together. ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦


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