My First Video at GRCC

Have you ever made a video? If yes, why don’t you share your experience with me? In order to introduce GRCC to prospective students, my supervisor asked me to do the video about campus tour.

At first, I was very worried because I have never done that before. How could I finish this video? Luckily, the former marketing assistant, Diep, had showed me how to use the camera and edit videos before she left. She and I had done halt of the campus and then I had to finish the rest by myself. However, later on, my supervisor helped me to be a camera man because I could not do it by myself. She is such a nice person, isn’t she?

You know what? I was very nervous when standing in front of the camera and I could not think any of words to say. Therefore, it took me about three or four times in one place. After that, another problem was I had to edit the video and turn in on time. Well, it took me another week to edit, fix and add I order to complete the video. And finally, I was so glad that I could finish this video on time. Yeahhhhh

Making the video gave me another valuable experience that I would never know if I did not work as a marketing assistant. I am so happy that I can do more than I think. This is a lesson I want to share with you about living in the USA. Believe in yourself and do your best to learn new things. Like me, I learn everyday through my life.

Here is the link to GRCC videos’ website in Youtube: ENJOYYYYYY.


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