Summer quarter is almost finished!

Wow! It is so fast. The summer quarter is almost done, and we are going to have a summer break before starting the fall quarter. Maybe some of you will wonder why it is fast. Don’t be curious I’ll tell you why. Because the summer quarter only lasts two months, it is shorter than other quarters. Yeahh!! Are you excited, new international students? We cannot wait to see you at GRCC J

I know that right now all of you are both excited and worried, but don’t worry too much because I am here to help you. I used to a new international student, so I could understand how you feel. Lots of things have to be done before going, and much stuff has to prepared and packed, right? However, the most important thing I think you should prepare is your comfortable spirit and confidence to live a new life without your parents and study new things. If you are worried and scared too much, you couldn’t think and do anything correctly. That’s what I have learned after living alone in the US, and I want to share my own experience with you.

Furthermore, trying in to involve in the school’s activities and making new friends will help you easily adjust the new life and improve your English. Well, I hope everyone has a summer break and is ready for a new school year. Be successful and healthy!


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