Great Summer ever *_*

J Hello everyone! How is your summer going? Have you had much fun? For me, I have enjoyed a fantastic summer ever at GRCC. Beside going to school and going to work, I spend my weekends to hang out with my friends and discover this Washington State.

In the summer, the student program at school usually holds many activities for both local student and international students to participate in. I think it is one of the best ways to help new international students adapt a new life in the US. Last weekend, my friend and I joined the trip to Mountain Rainier in Pierce County, Washington, USA, located 54 miles (87 km) southeast of Seattle. You know what; it is one of the amazing symbols in Washington.

It took about two and half hours the school to go there. Do you think it will be boring to stay in the car for that long? It is definitely not because we could enjoy the views in two side of the streets while we were sitting, and of course, it was really fantastic. I have had a chance to go different areas in Washington that I have never visited. Furthermore, I could meet more friends through the trip. They were all nice and excited about the Mt. Rainier like me.

Wow! When I reached the place, I could not believe what I was watching. It was really gorgeous to see on the top. Many trees, mountains, forests, and lots of things were on the road. Even though Mt. Rainier is a snow mountain, it is not cold at all; instead it was really hot when I got there. In the summer, the weather is very nice for people to enjoy this beautiful scene. Camping, hiking, photographing, and lots of activities are for you to do in the mountain. I think taking a photo is one of the most excited activities for international students. My friends and I took many of them (Guess what? I shared two of the photos with you so that you can image how it is).

Well, after the trip, I think it is really worth to visit this beautiful place that I think international student cannot miss it when they study at GRCC. I cannot wait to go there again J


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