Space Needle, a symbol of Seattle!

Last weekend, I was having a great time hanging out with by my best friend. Guess where did we go? Since my friend is going to transfer to another state, we decided to go downtown Seattle to make a memorable thing for my friend and I.

After visiting China town and having breakfast at the Chinese restaurant. We got enough energy for a fantastic day. First, we went to the mall and took the train to the space needle. As you have known, Space Needle, which is located in Seattle Center, is one of the symbols of Seattle that you cannot miss it when you go to Seattle. Was built in 1962, the tower has been here for a long time. Then, we had to wait in a long line to buy tickets to go there because it was on sunny Saturday; everybody wanted to watch the city from the top of the tower. Was it interesting, wasn’t it?

Finally, we got tickets and had to wait for another long line to go in and take an elevator. Even though the tower is very tall (184 meters), it just takes about 45 seconds to go from the bottom to the top of it. Also, while we were in the elevator, we could watch the overview of the city through the windows. It was really amazing, and we thought it was worth to wait two long lines to get there. We could not wait to be on the top!

Wow!! I was really amazed by the beauty of Seattle from the top. I have never thought Seattle was that beautiful. Standing on the top and watching Seattle, I could see lots of views like the harbor, the sea, and even the Mt. Rainer. Also, standing on a high place gives me a feeling that this world is really big and I am just a mall person. Therefore, I really want to do something to make this small person can stand strongly.

Everyone! Do you want to join us? Every quarter, in the orientation, we hold a Seattle trip for new international students. It is one of the best ways to help you discover more about Seattle, and of course, we visit the Space Needle; I know that many of them like it so much.


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