Peer Volunteer is Awesome!!

“It’s better to give than to receive,” is my favorite quotation. Helping people and making them happy means I am happy, too. Volunteer is one of the most popular activities for students in the US, especially international students. It is one of the best ways which help me have a chance to get familiar with American life and culture. Also, it also helps me improve my English by meeting and talking with many kinds of people.

Every quarter, GRCC looks for current students to help new international students in the orientation. These students are called PEER VOLUNTEER, and I’m honored to be one of them in those two quarters, Spring and Summer quarters. When I was asked why I decided to apply for this volunteer, I said that as I used to a new international student, I could understand how worried and scared new students were. Therefore, I would like to help them as much as I could to make them quickly adjust and enjoy the life in the US, especially at GRCC. Actually, before getting accepted to be a Peer Volunteer, I’d failed once. However, I kept patience and continued applying for it because I believed that I would make it. Finally, I was chosen to be one of the Peer Volunteer. Was it amazing? Living independently in the US has taught me this strong will. Believe in myself, I could do whatever I want. This is a lesson that I want to share to everyone, especially new international students.

Let’s make a dream that one day you will become a Peer Volunteer helping new students like me because PEER VOLUNTEER IS REALLY AWESOME that you cannot miss it as a student at GRCC.


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