Weekend is coming. What are you going to do this week? Well, I have a plan going to Bellevue with my friends. We plan to make a surprised birthday party for one of my beloved friend over there. Then, we will spend a day to go shopping and enjoy seafood at Bellevue. For sure, I will take as much pictures as I can, and I will post them later this week.
Enjoying your classes and get good grades!!!!


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Fall 2011

Hello everyone!! Welcome back!!!

How does your class start? Oh, I feel so good this morning. I have an early class – PE 131 (7:00AM). Many people were at campus that time. The weather is so nice!!! Sunshine, wow wow…. 🙂

I will have 3 classes in the afternoon and evening. I feel excited to meet new friends and new instructors. This is a first time I have seen many students at campus. They are chatting, smiling and discussing many topics. There are some staffs who help new students to find different building.

I think I’m as a new student here.

Love the weather and how people are here.

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Green River Campus

Hi everyone,

How is your summer going? Well, I had spent few days to take pictures around Green River campus. I want to share them with you.

You can see many places in our campus.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What do you think? Share with us !!

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Final Week

How are you doing? Do you finish with your classes?

This is the final week. Many things we have to do, right!

I will have one more exam today and then: I enjoy summer break.

I have taken some pictures in GRCC campus. However, there is a problem for uploading. Don’t be upset. You can see pictures on my FB. Let visit our FB at: http://www.facebook.com/grcciis

Lots of information are posted there every week.

Good luck on your exams






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Happy – Maryam Kazmi

Happiness uplifts you
Happiness fills your heart, your mind, and your soul

Happiness gives you the strength you need
Happiness is a great feeling that
Enters your mind
Happiness takes the sorrow away

Happiness fills you life with joy
Happiness makes you feel happy, excited, 
And thrilled

Happiness warms your heart
It gives you a sense of relief

Happiness welcomes you

Happiness can be seen by a smile
And in your eyes
Twinkling with shine

Happiness is a very beautiful feeling
Which allows you to enjoy 
Every day to the fulles

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Revisting Seattle. Yay

What a feeling to revisit a beautiful city of Seattle again after quite a few months…

During summer, I just went to Seattle once. My friends last went there in spring. So, all of us were so excited to go back to Seattle on a sunny Sunday.

We walked around downtown, did some shopping, ate Vietnamese food, and we went on a ferry to go the nearby island to enjoy the wonderful view. What a great day!

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Shopping.. ^.^

♥♥♥ Hi everyone! How are you doing in the summer?

Because I didn’t go back my country this summer, I have explored and discovered this beautiful state as much as I could. Last weekend, my friend and I went to the mall in Bellevue. Maybe some of you already know that go to the mall means go shopping in America. Also, going shopping is one of the recreations in American culture. However, because I am just an international student, some stuff here is kind of expensive for me. Therefore, “window shopping” is one of the most popular terms to international students and even American people as well.

In American culture, going shopping doesn’t mean they have to buy something. It is just a way to help them relax after working hard, hang out with friends, try new food in malls, or even look around stores. It is interesting, isn’t it? Don’t worry that sellers will chase you away since you don’t buy anything in their stores. Instead, they will welcome and introduce to you some new goods even though you just look around.

Come back to my shopping! This was the first time I have been in Bellevue, so I was very excited to go there. Bellevue is the fifth largest city in Washington State. Furthermore, the economy in this city has been developed strongly; therefore, it is now home to the headquarters of many small and large businesses. There are many tall buildings, skyscrapers and many stores there. Of course, it is very beautiful and interesting. I’m sure you will like when you get there ♥♥♥



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